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Alumni (PhD)


Alumni (Master of Science)

MSc#11 Baransel Bağcı: The Effect of Visual and Text Interfaces in Teaching Robot Programming, [Video#1], [Video#2], [Paper]

MSc#10 Sinan Sarıca: Automatic Audio Based Media Monitoring, 2017, [Video], [Paper]

MSc#09 Mehmet Ali Sarıkaya: Real-Time Emotion Recognition from EEG Signals using One Electrode Device, 2017, [Video#1], [Video#2], [Paper#1], [Paper#2]

MSc#08 Tafadzwa Joseph Dube: Virtual and Augmented Reality Based Interfaces for Choreography Generation, 2017, [Video], [Paper]

MSc#07 Emre Sercan Aslan: A Distributed Human Identification System for Indoor Environments, 2017 [Paper], [Video]

MSc#06 Mine Yasemin: Reduction of Dental Anxiety and Pain in Children using Robots, 2016, [Video], [Paper#1], [Paper#2]

MSc#05 Mustafa Esengun: Comparative Assessment of Mobile Navigation Applications using 2D Maps and Augmented Reality Interfaces, 2016 [Video], [Paper#1], [Paper#2]

MSc#04 Burak Sekmen: An Efficient Beacon Hardware for Indoor Location Services, 2016, [Video], [Paper]

MSc#03 Hüseyin Çabuk: Commercial Identification Using Audio Fingerprinting, 2015, [Video1],  [Video2], [Paper]

MSc#02 İsmail İren Saltalı: Sound Source Identification for Scene Analysis, 2015, [Video], [Paper]

MSc#01 Barış Bayram: Active Audio-visual Tracking for Robots, 2015, [Video#1], [Video#2], [Video#3], [Video#4], [Video#5], [Video#6], [Video#7], [Paper]

Alumni (Bachelor of Science)

BSc#44 Aydoğdu Demirci: Qualified Puzzle Generator, 2018, [Video]

BSc#43 İpek Karakurt: Sleep Stage Detection using Sensor Integration, 2018, [Video], [Paper]

BSc#42 İsmail Emre Çetiner: Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Sensor Data, 2018, [Video]

BSc#41 Yusuf Ekiz: Equipment Recommendation System and Simulator for Gyms, 2018, [Video]

BSc#40 Serkan Bekir: Sector Recognition of Broadcast Commercials Based on Audio Signals, 2018, [Video]

BSc#39 Ali Kadam: A Robotic System Generating Transfer Functions, 2017, [Video]

BSc#38 İsmail Çetin: Hardware Interface for a Smart Cradle, 2017, [Video]

BSc#37 Ömer Duralioğlu:  Software Interface for a Smart Cradle, 2017, [Video]

BSc#36 Hilal Gülşen: Seat Planning and Recommendation System for Libraries, 2017, [Video]

BSc#35 Berat Taşfiliz: Augmented Reality Application for Exhibitions in Museums Using HoloLens, 2017, [Video]

BSc#34 Erdem Erbaş:  Augmented Reality Application for Exhibitions in Museums Using HoloLens, 2017, [Video]

BSc#33 Selman Orhan: Haptic Chair Interface Design for Improved User Experience, 2017, [Paper]

BSc#32 Elif Benli: Virtual Reality Based Dental Assistant, 2017, [Video]

BSc#31 İlkan Engin:  Virtual Reality Based Dental Assistant, 2017, [Video]

BSc#30 Meral Korkmaz: Voice Cloud Platform for Medical Applications, 2017, [Video], [Paper]

BSc#29 Meriç Turan: Mobile Application for Guitar Training, 2017, [Video], [Paper]

BSc#28 Osman Özsoylu: Application for the Publicity of ITU Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering, 2016, [App]

BSc#27 Hakan Çoban: Software Interface of an Active Sensing Device for Visually-impaired People, 2016, [Video]

BSc#26 Çağatay Erdiz: Hardware Interface of an Active Sensing Device for Visually-impaired People, 2016, [Image], [Video]

BSc#25 Cemal Fatih Kuyucu: Indoor SLAM using UAVs, 2016, [Video]

BSc#24 Adem Çatamak: TezÖdev: Assistant for Writing Academic Manuscripts, 2016, [Video]

BSc#23 Şeref Bülbül: Smartfit: Personal Workout Tracker Application, 2016, [Video]

BSc#22 Hasan Can Aydan: Location-aware Memento Application, 2016, [Video]

BSc#21 Duran Eren: Guide Application based on Indoor Navigation for Museums and Exhibitions, 2016, [Video]

BSc#20 Mücahit Adem Çelebi: Usability Study of Educational Robots for Teaching Computer Programming, 2016, [Video#1], [Video#2]

BSc#19 İhsan Halıcı: Usability Study of Educational Robots for Teaching Computer Programming, 2016, [Video#1], [Video#2]

BSc#18 Çağrı Emre Yıldız: An Investigation of Impacting Factors for Sound Source Localization in Robotic Environments, 2016, [Video]

BSc#17 Mustafa Aker: An Investigation of Impacting Factors for Sound Source Localization in Robotic Environments, 2016, [Video]

BSc#16 Anıl Özen: Automatic Choreography Generation for Tango, 2015, [Video], [Paper#1], [Paper#2]

BSc#15 Yunus Emre Çalışkan: Emotion Recognition using Auditory Cues, 2015, [Paper], [Video]

BSc#14 Muhammed Onur Güngör: Wireless Home Automation and Security, 2015, [Video], [Poster], [Paper]

BSc#13 Yusuf Güngör: Wireless Home Automation and Security, 2015, [Video], [Poster], [Paper]

BSc#12 Ahmet Kaan Buran: Guitrix: An Application for Guitar Training based on Note Recognition, 2015, [Project], [Introduction], [Video]

BSc#11 Farrukh Kargar: Cool Fridge: A Smart Refrigerator Application, 2015, [Video]

BSc#10 Gökhan Kurt: Path Planning in a Real World 3D Environment, 2015 [Video], [Paper]

BSc#09 Fahrettin Ay: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Pesticite Spreying, 2015 [Video], [Paper]

BSc#08 Taha Berkay Duman: Active Robot Audition, 2015, [Video], [Paper]

BSc#07 Murat Razi: Investigation and Application of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem in the Framework of Dialectic Logic, 2015 [AçıkBilim Article #1], [AçıkBilim Article #2]

BSc#06 Tarek Jaffal: Waiterbot: Waiter Robot for Restaurants and Bars, 2015

BSc#05 İbrahim Yağız Yiğit: A Real-Time Strategy Game, 2015, [Image#1], [Image#2]

BSc#04 Ege Sarıoğlu: A Novel Interface for Choreography Generation, 2014 [Video]

BSc#03 Vahdet Ozan Aydın: Application using Kinect for Supportive Education in Elementary Schools, 2014 [Video]

BSc#02 Ralf Mayet: Exploration Strategies of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Geomagnetic Sensing, BSc-Erasmus, 2014  [Video#1], [Video#2], [Video#3], [Video#4], [Video#5], [Video#6]

BSc#01 Erdem Burak Parlak: Human Robot Interaction in a Drum Playing Game, 2014 [Video], [Paper]

Students (Doctor of Philosphy)

PhD#6 Can Erhan: Improved Marker Recognition for Augmented Reality through Sensory Integration

PhD#5 Nahid Nasiri: TBD

PhD#4 Barış Bayram: Object Learning for Auditory Scene Analysis, [Paper]

PhD#3 Mine Yasemin: Autonomous Dental Assistant Robot

PhD#2 Mustafa Esengün: Utilization of Augmented Reality in Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance of Products, [Video], [Paper]

PhD#1 Emre Sercan Aslan: Human Behaviour Analysis using an Indoors Distributed Sensory System

Students (Master of Science)

MSc#17 Hasbi Sevinç: TBD 

MSc#16 Hossein Pourghaemi: Real-time Shape-basedSensory Substitution for Object Localization and Recognition, [Paper]

MSc#15 Özlem Yurdakurban: Recommendation of Mobile Banking Interfaces through Activity Recognition

MSc#14 Tuğçe Yılmaz: Utilization of Augmented Reality for Displaying IoT data in Smart Factories

MSc#13 Ege Yağ: Diagnophone

MSc#12 Fahrettin Ay: Investigation of the Evolution of Spin and Magnetic Fields of Radio Pulsars

MSc#11 Tolga Ünvermiş: A Programming and Interaction Interface for an Educational Robot

MSc#10 Taha Berkay Duman: Receptionist Robot Having Natural Conversation with Customers

MSc#9 Cemal Fatih Kuyucu: Cooperative Patrolling with Multiple UAVs

MSc#8 Çağatay Demirel: Automatic Posture Evaluation for Professional Voice Users

MSc#7 Nada Al Azzawi: Selective Attention for Robots based on Audiovisual Familiarity

MSc#6 Şeref Bülbül: Design of a Blockchain System

MSc#5 Hasan Can Aydan: A User Interface for the Objective Performance Assessment of Professional Voice Users

MSc#4 Uğur Can Akkaya: Music Composition using Brain Computer Interface

MSc#3 Kadir Özlem: Analysis of Effects of Odors using EEG Signals

MSc#2 Mete Erzincanlı: Tangible Interaction using Multiple Robots for Serious Games

MSc#1 Osman Çaylı: Automatic Recommentation of Loyalty Program for Gyms

Students (Bachelor of Science)

BSc#15 Umut Yazgan: TBD

BSc#14 Cemil Zilcioğlu: An Interactive Operating System for Children

BSc#13 Ahmet Seha Çelenk: SMS Spoofing with Software Defined Radio on GSM Networks

BSc#12 Emir Bilgin: A VR Interface for Sound Quality Assessment

BSc#11 Ahmet Eren Karagöz: A Game for Reducing VR Sickness

BSc#10 Öykü Bozkır: Remote Support in Augmented Reality-based Maintenance Operations

BSc#9 İsmail Pamir: Movement-based Task Analysis

BSc#8 Ufuk Kurt: Automatic Emotion Tagging for a Speech-based Social Media Application

BSc#7 Muhammed Habib Beyatlı: Online Elevator Scheduling using Machine Learning Techniques

BSc#6 Kerem Adalı: Computer-based Choreography Generation using Real Dance Patterns

BSc#5 Kağan Özgün: TBD

BSc#4 Mahmut Özbilen: Analysis of Effects of Text using EEG Signals

BSc#3 Mert Kartaltepe: Synthesis of Digital Effects for a Voice-based Social Media Application

BSc#2 İlknur Meray: Indoor Localization using Data Fusion

BSc#1 Ali Uçar: Video-based TV and Radio Stream Structuring


In#26 Cemil Zilcioğlu: Development of an Operating System for a Child's Needs, 2018

In#25 Alp Külçebaş: Design and Implementation of a Haptic Vest, 2017

In#24 Ege Çağlar: AR-based Audiovisual Integration of a Haptic Chair, 2017

In#23 Matej Paradzik: Multi-agent Search Strategy based on Digital Pheromones for UAVs, MSc-Erasmus, 2016, [Video], [Paper]

In#22 Ege Çağlar: Sensual Motion Generation using a Haptic Chair, 2016

In#21 Emre Aydın: Collect Coins: A First Person Virtual Reality Game, 2016 [Video], [App], [WebGL]

In#20 Selman Orhan: Fusion of Audition and Vision for a Haptic Chair, 2016

In#19 Umut Yazgan: Mapping of Tango Moves from Human to a Humanoid Robot, 2016

In#18 Ahmet Seha Çelenk: Stabilization of Point Clouds using IMU, 2016, [Video]

In#17 Hasan Can Aydan: Voice-based Social Media Application, 2016 [soon to be launched here]

In#16 Hakan Çoban: Spatial Auditory-Vision Sensory Substitution using Range Cameras, 2015, [Video]

In#15 Anıl Özen: Automatic Dance Generation for a Mobile Robot , 2015, [Video]

In#14 İlkan Engin:  Air Drum Game on Android using Natural Hand Interaction, 2015, [Video]

In#13 Teoman Turan:  Multi-party Human Robot Interaction for Air Drum Game, 2015

In#12 Muharrem Furkan Çiçek:  Improvement of GPS Data Accuracy Using Differencial GPS System, 2015 [Video]

In#11 Erdem Erbaş: A Robot Interface For Teaching Sign Language, 2014, [Video]

In#10 Ahmet Mert Hacıaliefendioğlu: Air Drum Game using Natural Hand Interaction, 2014, [Video]

In#9 İlkan Engin: A Multi-modal Interface for Air Drum, 2014, [Video1], [Video2]

In#8 Cem Yıldız: Improvements on the AI of the Agents in Ms. Pacman, 2014

In#7 Önder Postoğlu: Improvements on the AI of the Agents in Ms. Pacman, 2014

In#6 Engin Kaya: Microcontroller-based Educational Robots, 2014, [Video1], [Video2]

In#5 Taha Berkay Duman: Online Implementation of Ego-Noise Suppression by Using Semi-Blind Infinite Non-Negative Matrix Factorization, in collaboration with Honda Research Institute Japan, 2014, [Photo]

In#4 Gökhan Kurt: Unity-based Choreography Generator, 2013, [Video], [Web application, you must install Unity Web Player]

In#3 Mustafa Safa Özdayı: A Framework for Integrating Ms. Pacman Competition to ROS, 2013, [Source Code], [Video]

In#2 Fahrettin Ay: Design of an Air Drum Kit, 2013, [Video]

In#1 Emel Aksu: Mobile Robot Control Using ROS, 2013, [Image1], [Image2]